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PAST Posts is a blog for the Texas State University’s Center for Archaeological Studies’ PAST Program. Our PAST (Public Archaeology Serving Texas) Program is a dynamic public outreach program that aims to involve Texans in the archaeological work we conduct and raise awareness of our state’s rich cultural and natural heritage. The PAST Program is first and foremost committed to providing the public access to the archaeology of the Spring Lake site on the Texas State University campus, specifically we aim to show how archaeology is completed and the importance of archaeology in understanding the past lifeways around Spring Lake.  The RSS feed below offers links to the latest posts on PAST Posts. Enjoy!

PAST Posts

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Small Fragments Paint a Big Picture in Spring Lake Data Recovery Faunal Analysis

By Christopher Jurgens, Ph.D. The Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) 2014 excavations at the Spring Lake Site (41HY160) recovered more than 6,000 fragments of animal bone. Detailed analysis of the bone, often termed faunal analysis, began in the summer of … Continue reading →

Surveying the Landscape: Surface Surveys as an Archaeological Technique

By Caitlin Gulihur While what happens during and after excavations of archaeological sites are popular subjects of previous PAST posts, this post deals with a different type of archaeological work – the survey. Surveys are useful for both finding unrecorded … Continue reading →

A behind the scenes look at the Spring Lake Data Recovery Analysis

By Amy Reid Lab tables cluttered with artifacts, scales, digital calipers, coffee cups, Excel spreadsheets and to-do lists that seem to get longer-not shorter. The analysis phase of an archaeological project can look more like chaos than science, but in … Continue reading →