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Curation Fees


Box size = 18 in x 11 in x 6 in

1 box = $476.51         

2 boxes = $953.02      

3 boxes = $1429.53                

4 boxes = $1906.04

Minimum charges per Project =$238.25

Records per Project

A discounted fee will apply for the curation of original paper records that have been digitized (made into PDFs):

Each inch = $100.00

Minimum charges per Project = $100.00

If project records (field and lab) have not been digitized (made into PDFs), then a different fee structure will apply:

Each inch = $150.00

Minimum charges per Project = $150.00

Human Remains

$1250/individual, plus $450 NAGPRA fee  

Calculating Final Curation Costs

When calculating total project curation costs, CAS, in consultation with the submitting firm, will assess the volume of curated materials and estimate final costs using the rates indicated above.

Listed fees assume that collections are in a curation-ready state upon submission. CAS staff will inspect for compliance before a collection is formally accessioned. If significant issues are present, CAS staff will contact the submitting firm about resolving these. CAS can prepare collections for curation, or resolve outstanding issues with pending collections, with costs to be determined on a project-by-project basis.

Rates are subject to periodic change, and new rates will be posted on-line with the date of change. Please be sure to check our website before submitting a collection for curation.