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CAS Projects


The Center for Archaeological Studies (CAS) is actively involved in cultural resource management (CRM) and academic research projects. Though CRM and academic research projects investigate a common subject (i.e., archaeological sites), the two approach an investigation from slightly different angles.

CRM projects are performed in accordance with state and federal laws designed to identify and protect important cultural resources. These projects are often part of a larger assessment of developmental impacts and are commonly funded by project sponsors. Factors like time, money, and area of impact often restrict the scope of CRM projects, but this is not to say a lesser quality of work is performed.

Academic research projects typically have broader scopes. As such, research designs may be interdisciplinary and more comprehensive; however, CRM projects are trending toward a comprehensive and interdisciplinary style of investigation. Funding for academic research in archaeology often comes from sources like the National Geographic Society, National Science Foundation, National Endowment for the Humanities, and other organizations.

Follow these links to Academic Research Projects and Cultural Resource Management Projects to see a sample of projects that CAS has been involved with.

Pictured above: an excavated test unit at Camp Swift.