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Burleson Cabin, San Marcos, Hays County, Texas

Burleson Cabin In 2000, Texas State University Texas Archaeology Field School students excavated the General Edward Burleson cabin site overlooking Aquarena Springs in San Marcos. The excavations, directed by M. Katherine Brown and Dr. Britt Bousman, attempted to locate evidence for the original location of the Burleson cabin and recover information that could be used in future interpretations for the public. Intact evidence of the original cabin was not found, but an outside cooking area was discovered. This cooking area was focused around a limestone bedrock bench and a natural solution chimney. Abundant charcoal at the base of the bench and thermal alteration of the limestone indicated that the bench functioned as a stove. Artifacts demonstrate that the original cabin was nearby, but its exact location remains unknown. Historic documents disclose the original cabin's construction in 1848 and demolition, due to a storm, in 1917. In 1960, the remains of the original cabin were dismantled and some materials were stored for the construction of a replica built in 1964.

Pictured above: reconstruction of Burleson cabin.