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Analyzing materials recovered from Zatopec, or any archaeological site, is often the most important part of an investigation. This is the work that helps to create, support, and strengthen the conclusions, or arguments, that archaeologists may draw. In order to address CAS's research domains outlined on the previous page, analyses of sediments and stratigraphy, features and chronology, ceramics, lithics, human remains, animal remains, and plant remains were performed by a number of very talented and specialized individuals and laboratories. Find out what they all had to say by following each of the links below.

Note that on the following pages (and also in some previous pages) images of artifacts have numbers below them. These labels refer to which portion of the project (SWT fieldschool or CAS in 2007) and from which unit and level each artifact was recovered, and they are how artifacts are kept track of during analysis. You can differentiate between artifacts recovered during fieldschools (### - #) or in 2007 by CAS (#### - #).

⇒Sediments, Soils and Stratigraphy

⇒Features and Chronology


⇒The Lithic Assemblage

⇒Bioarchaeology: Human Remains

⇒Zooarchaeology: Animal Remains

⇒Archaeobotany: Plant Remains